Drop ‘n Go

Drop ‘n Go

Playtime is pleased to offer a new and exciting feature of our business, the Drop ‘n Go child care program. This value added feature will allow parents/guardians to drop the child(ren) off at Playtime while they enjoy some free time. This service is ideal for running errands, going on a date, shopping or even a trip to the spa. Drop ’n Go is a treat for you and your children. Maybe there is a one, two or three hour gap in your schedule that isn’t enough to justify day care, but more than agreeable? Playtime would love to help.
How does Drop ‘n Go work? Playtime has met the necessary requirements to allow us to ‘baby-sit’ your children using the same caregiver : child ratio as daycares themselves. This means that not only will your child be able to play and exercise while you are taking care of business, they will also enjoy games and activities with their ‘Play Boss’ … plus with all visits a beverage and snack will be provided. If your child will be staying with us longer than two hours, they will have definitely worked up an appetite. Don’t worry, your child will enjoy a meal included in the price and you can peacefully have the time you deserve. When you drop off your children you will be asked to fill out some information and sign a waiver of liability. Then …. You’re off. We will be happily playing away, while you get done the necessary items.
1) What are the guidelines of the program?

  • * 4 hour max time
  • * Contact information must be provided
  • * Alternate contact information must be provided
  • * 1 Hour reservation notice requested
  • * Waiver of liability must be signed
  • * Any allergies must be identified
  • * Buddy bathroom system
  • * Diapers and necessary items must be provided

2) What are the restrictions to who can use the program?

  • * Walk and feed mostly by self – 12 years old
  • * Sorry, no babies

3) What are the disciplinary procedures?

  • * Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated at Playtime during a child’s
    stay in the drop ‘n go program
  • * For any minor incidents that may require discipline, the staff will
    be enforcing a time out in a designated area
  • * If an apology in necessary it will be requested
  • * If further discipline is required a phone call will be made to have
    the child picked up immediately
  • 1st Hour2nd Hour3rd Hour4th Hour
    1st Child$14.00$8.00$6.00$6.00
    2nd Child$10.00$5.00$3.00$3.00
    3rd Child$5.00$3.00$2.00$2.00
    4th Child$5.00$3.00$2.00$2.00
Rules, Regulations & Safety

    Rules of play are for the safety and enjoyment of all campers. Any camper who does not follow the rules will get a phone call to parent/ guardian and be asked to leave.

  • * While inside socks are to be worn at all times. No outside footwear is allowed past front gates.
  • * All campers are expected to play, act and speak in a courteous manner. Swearing and rough play will not be tolerated.
  • * Please remove all jewelry
  • * No gum, food or beverages in the play structure. We would appreciate all foods and drinks remain in the seating area only
  • * No outside food or drinks allowed
  • * No balloons, piñatas, or confetti will be permitted inside Playtime. Goody bags are to be handed out when guests are leaving.

Although we enjoy kids of all ages, generally our facility is suited for children 12 years of age and under.

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